4 Real Reasons Why Teachers Leave the Profession

Repost from Dr. Patricia FiorielloTeachers leaving the profession continues to be a serious problem in education.Even though the demand for teachers is higher than ever, there are teachers leaving the profession in staggering numbers. School boards and educational research organizations are trying to discover why this is happening.1As a past teacher, I can give some first-hand reasons why teachers consider leaving the profession.Let me clarify, I loved teaching and the impact the profession has on the next generation; for me, the decision was more a change of lifestyle than a displeasure in my career. I can, however, give some practical concerns arising among teachers that lead to many of them choosing a different career.#1 – LOW SALARYI think the main reason teachers are leaving the profession is the lack of competitive salary. Many people believe that teachers have “the easy life” because they get summers off, but teachers work significantly more hours than we get paid1 for, especially when we have a dual assignment such as sponsoring a club or coaching a sport. If you took the average yearly salary and divided it by the number of hours that most teachers actually work; the result was that teachers make about $10.00 an hour with all the late nights on buses coming back from games, and early morning tutoring sessions for struggling students, not to mention the three page essays for one hundred and fifty students. If you are considering going into teaching for the money, then you may want to reconsider your career choice.#2 – STUDENT BEHAVIORThe second reason why I believe teachers are leaving the profession has to… Read More »

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