Permanent Cosmetic Eyebrows

Eyebrows are the focal point of the face. Sparse brows will appear fuller with several colors added to you existing brow hair. For those that do not have any brow hair, let Serena create the perfect brow to complement your facial features. Brow pencil may be added to create dramatic evening effects. Sun block should always be worn on all procedural areas to maintain optimum color.

Clients have a choice of brow types, including powder shading, microblading, nano hairstroking, or a combination of both hairstrokes with shading. Different needles and application techniques are used to achieve desired brow type.


Microblading: Technique, Purpose, and Caveat

In recent years, microblading has become quite popular. But before going into the details of microblading, please allow me to first clarify the misuse of the term. The term “microblade” is actually a slight misnomer, as there are no “blades” used in this particular application technique. The technically correct terminology is microstrokes, microstroking, or micro hair stroking. The actual configuration of the tool is not a blade as just previously mentioned, but is rather a series of 7-14 needles in a straight line to form what looks like a “blade”.

The goal of the microblading technique is to mimick the look of our own natural eyebrow hairs. Depending on the size of the needle selected, it purposes to create thin crisp lines that look like natural hairs. This technique is often used for restorative purposes. It is also for those looking for a more natural looking cosmetic brow.

What is very important to realize, is that not all skin types are conducive to microblading. For the majority of applications observed, while the the microstrokes look beautifully thin and crisp immediately after the procedure, it won’t always remain that way. For a good majority of the skin types, the lines will eventually begin to blur and create somewhat of a shaded effect. Unfortunately, for whatever reason, not all permanent makeup technicians will inform you of this during the consultation and booking process.


Nano Hair Stroking

A more advanced technique is rapidly replacing the microblading technique, reasons for which I will explain a little later, but for now let’s understand exactly what this is as many are yet unfamiliar with it, and are therefore missing out on the wonderful benefits. Like microblading, nanostroking seeks to create thin, crisp, natural looking hair lines. However, unlike microblading, it uses only one “nano” needle as opposed to multiple needles. The term “nano” is short for nano technology, and is defined as ‘very, very small, or minute”. The actual size of nano needles range from .18 to .25 in diameter.

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